Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Does "Mint" Mean To You?

Based on a few recent eBay experiences, I began to realize that not every seller and buyer interprets terms like "Mint" or "Excellent" in the same way.  A doll described as "Excellent" in her listing arrived with a neck split. Another "mint" doll was found to have been (unsuccessfully) treated for green ear and had her nose filed down, likely to hide a nose nip.  These aren't isolated issues, rather situations like this seem to happen on a regular basis. What exactly do these sellers mean when they use words like:

  • Mint/Minty
  • Excellent
  • Crisp
  • Very Good
  • Good 


It's very probably that no two sellers might agree exactly on what these terms mean.

The lesson to be learned (hopefully not the "hard way" for everyone) is that we must ask ALL questions when perusing an auction that catches our eye.  Neglecting to do this, even with a trusted seller, leaves a buyer vulnerable to potential disappointment.  Sometimes the best sellers overlook something that might be really important to you.

So what do these terms mean to you? Do you have any experiences you can share that will help future buyers avoid the same unfortunate situation you went through?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

--Linz Turner

Note: We encourage all those who join our discussions to keep things mature and polite.  We don't expect everyone to agree, in fact we learn more when people are willing to share their true thoughts and experiences-- even those that might not match popular opinion. Treat one another with respect and kindness, it's all we ask. After all, the Vintage Barbie Community is one of the best on the planet!

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